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Weird feelings

General thoughts Posted on %PM, August 11 2009 16:29:13

 I was out walking recently and something weird happen. I met a girl while walking that made me really happy so i smiled a big grin which she saw and she was okey with it. 

Thank you Jennifer!

General thoughts Posted on %PM, June 06 2009 12:40:48

I recently read a blogg that made me think alot. She wrote that there are people help her far more then she feels she deserves and she doesn’t know how to repay them for it. So i thought i should write and thank the person who means so much for me. This person has seen me at my absolute worst and she still loves me. I couldn’t repay this person for a million years. She will most definitely be embarrassed by reading this but i also think she will be happy to read this.

Thank you Jennifer for being such a good friend to me for the last seven years. Thank you for letting me stay at your place when i visited you which was really the only way i could stay that long. Thank you for not being mad at me for dropping the coffe and chocolate on the carpet making a hideous stain. Thank you for not being angry with me when i had my breakdown during my second visit. Thank you for making the turkey on christmas. I also want to thank Jennifer’s family, her mom & dad, her brother, her grandmother and everyone else i met while i was in Canada, they made me feel like i was appart of the family.

My favorite times was when Tony had to go to work early the next morning so it was just you and me watching tv. I remember during those times from time to time watching you and thinking i must have done something right because i didn’t think i deserved it at the time. One other thing i really enjoyed was the times i took Tiana to school so you didn’t have to go out that day.

I don’t know if you remember this but one night Tiana decided to sleep in the bed i borrowed during my visit to you so i tried sleeping in the chair until Tony woke up and then i went to bed there instead. I know you got a little upset with me not waking you up so you could move her but i think you were going to work the next day and being on vacation i could sleep until later that day without any problems.

I Have a dream…

MMA Posted on %AM, October 06 2008 08:39:04

But it was boring so i am gonna talk about Elite XC instead. Saturdays show  was a pretty good one except for the fact that Kimbo Slice lost to the substitute in the main event. This can’t be turned into something good in any shape or form. Hopefully the rating for the show will help a little but being so much in debt i don’t see that happening. 

Eva Eastwood

Music Posted on %PM, July 20 2008 18:37:17

Just started listening to her and i really like her music, being a person who likes most music i have a hard time finding stuff to buy that i feel good about afterwards. This makes me happy everytime i listen to it, can also be because i met and spoke to her and she is really a nice person. 

Zelda thoughts

Console & Computer Posted on %PM, July 20 2008 18:28:00

I finnished Legend of zelda: wind waker which i am happy about, hopefully the upcoming Zelda game for wii can have something like the Gamecube to GBA connectivity but with Wii and DS. 

Now i am planning on starting next game but i don’t know which so i have some thinking to do. smiley

Wii got shortchanged

Console & Computer Posted on %PM, December 08 2006 20:14:49

Tried to go to bed yesterday and that did work well, oh right it’s probably not enough with only 2-3 hours of sleep. Anyway went by bus to our local el giganten to line up for a wii, i came at about 06.50.  I was nr 16 in the line and was told that they might only get 14 but other said 20 so i waited til about 09.30 to find out that they only got 14.
So off i went to go to toys ‘r’ us but they only got 10 so i didn’t get a 
wii afterall. smiley